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Do something today your future self will thank you for!

All services are designed to go hand in hand with one another to create a holistic and all-encompassing approach to health and fitness.  Each service greatly enhances the outcome of a client’s coaching program and most individuals choose to a combination of one or more of the services listed to get the most out of their coaching.  During the on-boarding process we will determine the best format to proceed based on your needs, goals, interests, schedule, and budget. 


Please also be aware that all services, aside from personal training and metabolic testing, were created to be highly effectively conducted through online coaching.  My mission is to be able to help as many individuals take back control of their health as possible, regardless of where they reside!

Strength and Fitness programs

"Striving for failure."

Whether you're tying to optimize top athletic performance, increase over all health and longevity, or attain the physique you've always wanted, we create detailed plans that are catered towards your unique needs and goals.

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Optimal NUTRITION Programming and Coaching

 "Yes, I am a nutrition coach. No, I am not a fat fearing, calorie counting diet planner."

Although there are many nutritional principles that apply to most people, nutritional needs are highly individualized. At Vermeire Consulting we create advanced nutrition plans that are tailored to your unique physiological needs. We use cutting edge science to ensure that we are addressing all aspects of your biochemistry to ensure that your plan will get you to your health and fitness goals in the healthiest and most sustainable manner possible. We know that by taking a more in depth approach and working with your body we can have you feeling your best while developing healthy habits for a lifetime of success and longevity. Our nutrition programs include food, supplement, lifestyle, sleep, detoxification, stress management, grocery planning, education, and testing recommendations to ensure we are addressing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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holistic healing and functional laboratory testing

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it."

As a Functional Health Practitioner it is my professional goal to bridge the gap between the fitness and medical communities.  Our medical and insurance systems are built around treating disease and severe injury, rather than promoting and restoring optimal health.  This leads most individuals to seek out personal trainers and fitness classes to begin their journey back towards health.  Although this is a great first step, there are still many complexities to the human body and metabolism that often require a deeper investigation.  By using advanced assessments and functional laboratory testing I am able to dig to the root cause of many health ailments, rather than simply chasing symptoms.  Through my investigative approach I can create very detailed and thorough healing protocols that address each individuals unique needs while coaching them through obstacles to serve as their guide and partner in health.

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Have you recently met with your Physician for an annual check up and have lab test results you don't understand?  Maybe you were told "everything looks normal", but you'd like to know more about what the results mean in regards to your health?  With this program you can submit current lab testing (or have new labs ran) to receive an in depth report of what your results mean from a Functional Health Perspective. 

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