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Holistic Healing and Functional Laboratory Testing

-Do you have any health complaints that no one seems to have answers for?

-Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss and/or fitness efforts?

-Are you tired of not looking or feeling how you would like to?

-Are you suffering from any unpleasant symptoms that are hindering your quality of life?

-Are you struggling to get the results you feel your efforts should yield?

-Are you not feeling as good as you once did, but can’t figure out why?

-Have you tried multiple programs, products, and methods to feel better with little to no success or sustainability?


If you answered “YES” to any of the above, I urge you to contact me to learn more about how this program can help you restore your health and maintain it for years to come!


Whether you have damaged your metabolism from strict dieting, over exercising, poor nutrition habits, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of stress management, or anything else, this program will help you to identify hidden stressors in your body’s systems that are preventing you from feeling and looking your best!  By using advanced health assessments and functional laboratory testing, together we will reveal your healing opportunities and get you on a path to optimal health! 


Typical healing opportunities we can identify and work with are:

-steroid hormone imbalances (low testosterone, high estrogen etc.)

-adrenal dysregulation (commonly called adrenal fatigue)

-gastrointestinal hyper permeability (commonly called leaky gut)

-intestinal dysbiosis

-thyroid disorders (hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, hashimoto's etc.)

-liver congestion and toxicity

-neurotransmitter imbalances

-mal-digestion, absorption, and assimilation

-food and chemical sensitivities

-parasites, bacterial, and fungal infection (giardia, h. pylori, candida, etc.)

-oxidative stress

-nutrient deficiencies

-MTHFR and methylation disruption

-Genetic polymorphisms

And many more!


Based on our findings, you will receive customized protocols and recommendations to restore normal function to your body’s systems.  Holistic Health Programs can include recommendations and protocols for any or all of the following: stress management, nutrition, supplementation, rest and recovery, sleep optimization, bio-identical pro-hormone treatment, exercise, and much more!


*Please note:  I am NOT a Licensed Physician.  This program is NOT a substitute for medical care.  No recommendations in this, or any other program offered, are for the treatment, management, or prevention of any medically recognized condition.  All clients are encouraged to meet with their physician prior to engaging in any lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, or supplementation changes, and for any other concerns. 


A complimentary 15-minute phone consultation can be scheduled here.

TruDetox Program

Brain Function and Wellness Program

Hormone Balance Program

Stress and Sleep Program

Gut Health Program

Fat Loss Program


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