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Control your Brain. Control your Health.

Vermeire Consulting

We all know the brain is the master control center of the human body, so it only makes sense that brain activity and chemistry is one of the most powerful factors on overall health.  I think what fires me up so much about this topic is the fact that WE HAVE A LOT MORE CONTROL OVER IT THAN MOST REALIZE! Also, with psychiatric medications being dispensed like Halloween candy and a society that centers around stimulation and quick fixes…we’ve found ourselves in a mental health crisis.

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Which Nutrition Strategy is Right for You?

Vermeire Consulting


Due to an overwhelming amount of information constantly available to us via the small computers in our pockets, it has become nearly impossible to determine what information could help us reach our health and fitness goals. Keto. Carb cycling. Flexible dieting (IIFYM).  Nutrient timing.  Paleo. Calorie counting. Intermittent fasting. Eat for your blood type. Eat for your body type. Where is a health enthusiast to begin?

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How Lions can Teach You how to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time!

Vermeire Consulting

In the fitness world everyone loves to throw around the words anabolic and catabolic.  Anabolic meaning growth and catabolic meaning breakdown.  “Looking pretty catabolic bro” has become a stinging insult in gyms somehow.  Cute.  What these gym junkies are really referring to is the idea of muscle anabolism versus catabolism, or growth versus breakdown.  Now of course growth and breakdown can refer to any tissue type (skeletal muscle, adipose, nervous, connective).  So in the context of the ever popularly sought after muscle growth versus fat loss formula, the “anabolic/catabolic teeter totter” must be considered. 

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